Comments on the Art 

 I love your paintings, collages,and photographs. "Martha's Vineyard off gay head cliffs" 1 + 2 are so wonderful, I think the contrasting color/texture areas and the abstract yet not abstract shapes are beautiful in. And the watercolor/crayon/pastels are lovely, "Flower" and"Flower 2", are so strong and rich in colors. I love the"Happy Butterfly" collage; I really like how those images go together and the design of how they are cut. Your photos are gorgeous too! The "sunflower and swimming pool October" is striking and so many others, too. The waterfall ones too. I felt like I was there looking into your garden in summer and fall and your house inside and out. It’s like you are absorbing the beauty around you and transforming it into artworks that glow with Michaelness. It is really cool to see all your work and to know that you are doing the art-work. 

Cleo W-W 

Deanne C. 

We love the layering and colours! – comment on painting ‘Martha’s Vineyard near the Clay Cliffs at twilight’ 
From Fall Gallery - photograph 'Backyard in the Fall'
This is our favorite  shot.

Ilaisa S. 

Loyely capture – comment on photograph ‘Confident Monarch Butterfly’ 

John S. 

This is beautiful – comment on painting ‘ Martha’s Vineyard, Lobsterville2’ 

Lauren M. 

Very nice macro. Well done. – comment on photograph ‘Bee Picnic’ 

Christopher H. 

I enjoyed your Snow Gallery. I like the way you grouped your photos and paintings under a theme. I'll pass this on to friends. 

Sherry H. 

I want to share with you how one local artist views all of this natural winter beauty. Michael Karasik and his family live here in Baltimore City... He has put together photos and paintings of lovely winter scenes andimaginings. Very reminiscent of what we've all been enjoying for the last few days. Check it out here. I have asked whether "Secret Garden"can be turned into a greeting card and the answer is yes! I hope you'll enjoy the gallery. If so, send a quick note to Michael. It is great having so much talent so close to home! 

Dana M. 

Michael Karasik, views all of this beautiful snow around us. He has put together photos and paintings of lovely winter scenes and imaginings that remind us vividly of all the wonders around us. Check it out by clicking below on Snow Gallery. I hope you'll enjoy the gallery... It is great having so much talent so close to home! 

Vinny D. 

Thanks for sending your winter gallery. Enjoyed seeing it!This last picture from the web cam atop Elk Mountain (before it quit again)...reminds me of both your photos and paintings. (the web cam looking out the upstairs window. When the satellite dish fills up with ice and snow it goes offline again until it melts.) 

Jodi L. 

They look so beautiful - doesn't it make you happy to send out such lovely energy

Regina L. 

Thanks for sharing Michael...the site looks very nice. I enjoyed the back yard photos too. 

Will H. 

I really liked the sunflower picture. it made me want to view more of your work. I liked several of your floral works. 

Mike D. 

About 'Full Moon on Mountain' Gallery - MountainWVirginiaThis is fantastic! Love the surreal feel of the full moon's reflection against the dark, dark, sky. 

Karen G.